Our Logo

One Mountain, Many Paths, Many Travelers

7 pointed star
The Star of Hope

In 2012, we adopted a logo and motto. Dianne Hogan gave us 4 drawings for use on our website and printed material. She did a significant amount of research and presented us with the seven pointed star which we are very excited to use as there are many interpretations. First it reflects our name: The Star of Hope. It is also the mystical star and reflects many parts of our organization. Seven points for the seven directions, north, south, east, west, up, down and centre. There are seven principles. It is a star that lights the way.

In the fall, the board adopted a motto that was used as a theme for the Spiritualist Church of Canada’s annual general membership meeting in October. “One Mountain, Many Paths, Many Travelers”, reflects an inherent belief of our organization and guides us in planning events. Even though there may be one destination, there are many ways to arrive there and all of them are good and right. As well, there are many people from many differing backgrounds and beliefs and stages, yet we are all able to achieve our goals and can help each other even though our paths may be different.


This supports Diane’s drawing that can be seen on our website, pamphlets and business cards.

  • It is an archway which we believe depicts how we see ourselves as an organization.
  • It is free of doors.
  • It invites all to enter and seek their truth while following their individual path lit by the Star of Hope, in a safe and respectful environment.
  • It reflects our commitment to be all inclusive and affirms our 7th Spiritual Principal: “Eternal progress is open to every Soul” and encourages us to treat each other with love and understanding.

About Diane Hogan

Diane Hogan is a local artist whose work is increasingly becoming noticed and sought.  Her illustrative talents, especially with Celtic Cards and Angel illustrations are available at Spiritualism-friendly stores in the Durham Region.

Diane has graciously donated artwork to The Star of Hope Spiritualist Church.  You will notice the artwork throughout the new site in various forms.  Her artwork is also being featured in new materials that the Church is currently developing.  We are humbled by her donation and are extremely grateful.

If you would like to know more about Diane and her artwork, send us an email and we will put her in touch with you.  Or maybe you will see her at one of our events and can speak with her directly.

Thank you Diane.