Our Spiritual History

History of The Star of Hope Spiritualist Church

The Star of Hope Founders and Spiritual leaders
Our Founders – Clockwise from Top – Tommy, Henry, Sandra, Ruby

Our history is the story of how one person’s spiritual dream became a reality.  In the early 1970’s Sandra Leask and her family were attending the Spiritualist Church located in the Orange Temple in Oshawa.  Sandra always told us that each and every person has a spiritual gift.  Sandra was running development classes for a group of young individuals with addiction problems like drugs and alcohol; and emotional problems.  After working with this group she realized that some of these individuals were very gifted and she went to her the board of directors of her Church and explained that some of the students were ready for a greater role and could work the rostrum if they were allowed.

The board denied her request and Sandra, being very upset at this, decided to open her own church, a teaching church where any person that is taking development and is willing to work the rostrum will be given a chance.  A place where newcomers where encouraged to try their newly found energies and skills, whatever they may be.  And thus, our church was born.  With the assistance of her husband Tom, as well as her cousin Ruby and her husband Henry, the church was started.  The Church received its Charter on the 2nd of October 1975 and we have a few members who have been participating for over 30 years, including Board Treasurer Eva Pal who many may recognize from her participation on Wednesday’s Open Meditation and our Divine Services on Sundays.  Eva and her husband joined in July of 1976 and were instructed by Sandra herself.

At that time, the Wednesday meditation was usually run by the owner of the Fern Resort in Orillia.  He would make the drive down every Wednesday without fail.

The Sunday Divine Service consisted of Mediums from the surrounding areas like Toronto, Courtice and even Hamilton.  After the services people would congregate in the kitchen and there were times where you had a chance to learn more from those conversations than in the actual instructional sessions.

Those who had attended development classes were encouraged to get up and help during the Wednesday meditation, as were the wishes of Sandra who highly encouraged participation.

Sandra would also go to Toronto to give group lessons.  These were sort of a commune of former priests, nuns & monks.  It was around this time that the idea to start the Spiritual Science Institute in Toronto came to her.  The initial workers on some of the spiritual lessons included Lorraine Burton and Andy Huberger.

In the thirty-five years of The Star of Hope, we have had the privilege of hosting many wonderful and talented individuals.  Some were professional mediums, some were (or became) authors, and some were regular people with an interest in Spiritualism and the topics it embraces.

We welcome you to our Church and hope that you grow and learn with us, in keeping with the original direction of the church.