Saturday, July 21, 2018
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Spring Is In The Air

As spring draws close we eagerly anticipate and watch for signs of new growth Mother Earth provides along with new growth within ourselves and loved ones. Once again we become aware of our oneness with each other, Mother Earth and the universe with our Spring Equinox Service on Sunday March 25th. Lynn Tucker will be with us to help us Welcome the Equinox with something different.

Here on our website we are in the process of nurturing new growth. Gary, our website administrator has been previewing chat room and web conferencing modules over the past few months. He has narrowed the search down to a site that will allow us free entry into a private chat/conferencing room where we can hold online mediumship development, general discussions and possibly meditations. The board is in the process of testing out this site. Once we are satisfied with the chat room, we will be asking for volunteers help us with user testing and presenting discussion topics as we move forward.

For those unfamiliar with chat rooms, it is like having a group Skype.

Our reasons for implementing the chat room fit with the first bylaw of the Church:

(a)                    To assist in the advancement and diffusion and to promote, promulgate and teach throughout the World, and more particularly in the Province of Ontario, the religion of Spiritualism and spiritualistic phenomena and philosophy;

Along with providing a Spiritual Community on the internet, the chat room will help us to reach out to those who may not be able to regularly attend one or more of our three weekly events, or attend a Spiritualist hosted event near their place of residence regardless of where they reside.

In preparation and planning of new growth it is quite common to have one vision (usually a Cadillac) in mind. However in research, the vision quickly narrows and becomes focused on what is available on the market, within budget,and without giving up the essentials. The key essential items available with the chat/conference room module are cost, maintenance, accessibility, security and privacy.

There is no cost to using the basic module, and since it is owned by another website, it is also maintenance free in terms of behind the scenes administration and development. It is possible that as we develop our use of the chat room, we may outgrow the functions that are currently available. If and when this occurs we will examine the issue of upgrading the room and also examine ways of funding the upgrades which may or may not include advertising and nominal user fees.

The private room will be accessible by clicking on a link provided on our website. This will be the only means of access and therefore will significantly reduce the amount of “chat room surfers” and or spammers that visit open chat rooms on other sites. We cannot guarantee that surfers and spammers will find the link on our website and decide to pay us a visit. However, when open, the room will always be monitored by a volunteer who will be able to “bounce' them.

Please stay tuned on further news of when we will be implementing the chat room, and feel free to suggest topics of interest for discussion that you would like to see presented or would like to present yourself.

In Love and light.

Reverend Owen Ryan, President