Saturday, July 21, 2018
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Ground, Connect, Protect In The Season of Merriment

Is your calendar for the rest of November and all of December full up yet?  Have you remembered to book some time just for yourself?  

It is a wonderful time of the year and yet, school plays, family gatherings, workplace gatherings, get togethers with special friends, other social events all competing for our time and energy tend to turn the season into a marathon and contribute to the stress of the season.

We not only multi-task during the season, but we multi-think, constantly arranging and rearranging our schedules in order to accomplish the task at hand, the tasks of tomorrow and next week.  It is normal that we forget to take time for ourselves and enjoy the season.

As sensitive beings, even the "mildly" psychic person can tune into the stress and strain of those around them, making for an even more stressful experience, so it becomes very important to regularly take a few minutes throughout the day to Ground Connect and Protect.

Ground, in this instance is more of a verb than it is a noun. To be grounded is to be thinking clearly and sensibly being focused and aware of all that is going on around us.  When we are stressed our thoughts scatter, we forget where we left our keys or other objects, forget to take our debit or credit cards or cash from the ATM or from the store personnel, etc.  It leaves us vulnerable and open to not only picking up the stressful energy around us, but also makes us targets for pickpockets, purse and parcel snatchers who know that this is a time of year when a lot of people are not taking the same precautions they would the rest of the year.

Connect is to connect with yourself and your environment, know where you are and who/what is around you.  Connect also to pleasant thoughts and a pleasant state of being so that you can enyoy yourself and focus on the task(s) at hand knowing the purpose and intent is to bring joy and love to yourself and others.

Protect is to keep the stressful and negative energies of others from affecting you, detracting from your pleasant state of being, so that you may stay focused on accomplishing your goals.

There are many ways to Connect Ground and Protect, some of them lengthy, others very short that need only a few moments of your time.  Here is one suggestion that, with practice, can help you throughout the season,  It can be done in the comfort of your home, car, or in public:

1) If at home, begin with closing your eyes, if in public, stare at a magazine, your i-pod, a painting on a wall, etc, or casually look around your environment without focusing on any particular object.

2) Take a deep slow breath in, hold it for a second or two, then slowly let it out, and continue to breath deeply.

3a) Visualize a waterfall washing over you, washing away and stressful negative energy that is in and around you.  Think of the waterfall bringing you new, positive and revitalizing energy.

3b) If water is not your thing, then visualize a beautiful white light at the centre of your body.  Visualize this white light growing and filling your body and emanating out from you.  As this light grows, visualize it pushing the stressful energy out and or away from you, replacing it with new, positive revitalizing energy.

4) When you are ready, continue on with what you were doing.