Wednesday, November 21, 2018
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Profile - Gillian Albers

People Profiles are Q & A with members of our church community.  Come learn from and about people you see at our events.  This Q&A is with Gillian Albers, Board Member and active event leader/organizer



How long have you been with The Star of Hope, and in what capacities? 

I started attending The Star of Hope regularly in September 2007. What possessed me to start, I couldn't tell you. After our husbands died in 2003, my girlfriend and I went to one Hope's services when they were located down on Wentworth in Oshawa. I was fascinated. We both received messages from our mothers. I wanted to go back later but the church had moved to another location. Later on I found the Eternal Life Spiritual Centre in Whitby, and attended one of their Divine Services. I loved it but found Sunday morning difficult. How I rediscovered The Star of Hope, I no longer remember, but I did and have been going ever since.

In about November 2007, Eva Pal had given me a healing during the service. Afterwards, she approached me and said that I had given off as much energy as she did and proceeded to tell me I was a Healer. I was surprised but not shocked as some years previously, a psychic had told me I had healing abilities. But I had no idea what all that meant. Then, the following month I made the mistake of suggesting something for the service and next thing I knew I was on the Board of Directors. I have been the Secretary since then and have loved every minute. I feel so honoured and blessed to be part of the growth of an organization that not only cares about people but adds value to their lives.