Saturday, October 20, 2018
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Profile - Eva Pal

How long have you been involved with The Star of Hope, and in what capacities?

My husband and I have been involved with the Church since July of 1976. About a year later Ruby Leask asked me if I would look after the financial end of the Church. My agreement meant that I had to become a Board member, and start chairing some of the services. The first service I had to Chair was for Rev. Lloyd Harriman. I was scared because both Sandra and Ruby were away that Sunday, so when our worker showed up he realized that he was running the whole show! He did both the opening and closing prayers. He played the organ for the songs, he did the talk and the messages. After the service he asked me what I was supposed to be doing. All i did was introduce him for everything.

By 1978 I was also asked to teach first year development classes together with George Kedzierski,and Helen Gibb. Shortly after starting Helen decided to go back to school and had to drop out of teaching. In the spring, George got a job in GM on the line and he dropped out of teaching. I was on my own. Sandra kept giving me material for the group, and there were about twenty people. So I was doing the treasurers job and teaching. I set with the same group for over two years, when Sandra told me that if the group wants to tay together for meditation and further learning they can do it on their own. She put me in charge of teaching the Spiritual Science material. I was very apprehensive since I have not taken the course myself. My husband took it. But of course he did not want to do it! 

To date, I have done the Churches finances for approximately 19 years.