Tuesday, June 18, 2019
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My Prayer - Teach & Guide Me

Father, Mother, God My Prayer is:

Teach me,

Reveal to my inner heart the way,

To become a truly loving and understanding person.

Teach me how to Love.

Not just in my thought towards others, but in actions.

Teach me to be quick,

To forgive and willing to overlook faults of others.

Open to me the way of Divine Love,

That my love may fulfill YOUR purpose for it.


Guide me,

Show me the way,

To be a faith-filled, intelligent person.

Give me Vision,

To see the Wisdom to know the way,

To bring that Truth into expression in my daily affairs.


This is MY deepest, humblest prayer,

That I be a teachable person.

I am willing to learn and to grow,

In the way of Your Truth.