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Psychic Fair - November 2016
Etheric Projection, Astral Travel & Remote Viewing
Mediumship Development Workshop
I Want To Be A Medium - Now What?
Upcoming Events Fall 2015
Lynne Brampton - Workshops
Live Your Life With Spirit - One Day Workshop
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  • Upcoming Sundays

    Thank you for helping to keep our Service a Scent-Free service. 

    Sundays (7 pm) at Connaught Park Clubhouse, 435 Jarvis St. Oshawa.  Click here for map.

    December 2016

    4th    Chair: Meagan Peyton; Speaker & Message Bearer: Debra Kemp

    11th   Chair: Rev. Owen Ryan; Speaker & Message Bearer: Rev. TC Kendall

    18th   Candle light Service - Presented by the Board of Directors

    25th   Merry Christmas – No Service - Best wishes to you and your loved ones for a happy and festive season

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