Tuesday, June 18, 2019
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Spiritual Healing



Silver Birch, the great Spirit Teacher, said of Spiritual Healing:


The technique is really simple, though the effects are profound. You have a sufferer, a healer and you have the Great Spirit. All that happens is that divine power, part of the Great Spirit, part of the life-force, has to be transmitted through the healer's spiritual faculties to the sufferer's spirit body. This is in essence, the whole process. There is no secret, there is no magic; there is just the operation of natural law. The power of the Spirit is infinite.”




The word Healing or Healer is a misnomer. Healers don't actually heal. They channel healing energies to help re-balance a person's energy and create an environment so the person can heal themselves.


Spiriutal healing works in conjunction with and complements western medical practices. Spiritual Healing can encompass healing on 4 levels including the physical, mental, emotional as well as the spiritual (soul).